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Our love for creating wedding films began five years ago, when we decided to combine our passion for filmmaking with our enthusiasm for love stories. And from this blossomed a breathtaking adventure of the early morning jitters, hearts filled with butterflies, and dancing the night away. We are thankful enough to do what we love for a living.

It is our mission to use our years of experience to help you simplify the wedding planning process, and actually make planning your dream wedding -- stress free. (and maybe even fun).

We’ve customized our services to be tailored to each individual couple. Since no two weddings are alike, you deserve a completely unique experience – even if that means redefining wedding films all together.

You are visiting us today because you know you deserve a wonderful experience. Let us show you that you’re not just getting a wedding film – you’re getting a lifetime of memories.

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Brad preston

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Owner of Loon weddings
Filmmaker / Storyteller

Brad's reputation is known for many things. He’s been labeled an entrepreneur, artist, and educator (who is mildly obsessed with bacon grilled cheese). Among the top of this list is his incredible talent for creating and storytelling. His addictively charismatic personality makes him a blast to be around in any group setting. It doesn’t matter if it’s with his weddings, his non-profit, or whatever crazy new business idea he has – Brad is always approaching his goals with the belief that he can make the world a better place. He is determined to change the way people look at their problems, and always puts happiness and empathy at the center of it all.


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